Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breastfeeding Adult Men Pictures Breastfeeding Moms. What Is Your Opinion Of "adult Breastfeeding"?

Breastfeeding moms. What is your opinion of "adult breastfeeding"? - breastfeeding adult men pictures

If you are looking for quiet, unfortunately, was eventually led to many sites lactation fetish "adult".

Ok, I understand that breast milk has many advantages ... but adults do not understand what the entire lactation.

I read one of the message boards (they call themselves, national regulators, the relationship in the nursing care for adults) and men and women, a relationship to each other "care" where they will meet on a semi-weekly or daily nurse. Most of them find each other over the Internet

Many of them are women with children, some pregnant women, and induce some women who breast-feeding.

Some of them do so for sexual reasons (breastfeeding) during sex, but some of them not only exclusively for the careto interest no sex.

This is something that makes me sad to see that their foods women at random strangers who want to offer their children the same breasts.
But hey, it's your body.

It's one thing if your husband wants to put his mouth (although I do not reject do not want to see my friend to do that, I think it would get from a sip of milk. Lol). But a stranger?
I think, is that what breasts were designed for it.

What is your opinion?

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